5 Signs That Indicate Your Computer Has Been Hacked

You might be heard through media “my mail account or social networking page has been hacked”.
Hackers are mainly finding a new way out, to harass other people, to steal information or to destroy
their reputation. While we cannot deny the fact that hackers are doing such things with bad intention
and you will find in this world, there is a small percentage of the hacker community. Hackers find out
new ways to use computers and they create such difficult programs no one other can conceive. They are
so talented, they can build applications to the operating system. A hacker employs various techniques to
find out the weaknesses in the computer and they exploit them. Hackers can hack for different reasons
such as to earn profit or for the challenge.
Now let us have a look the reason why people intent to hack other computers.
1. Just for fun – Some youngsters for fun want just to prove that they can hack computers. Such
people are interested using various skills and find a way to breach system than doing anything
malicious. A teen hackers once said in an interview he was interested in getting into the system
and he wasn’t interested in accessing information.
2. To make a statement –There are hackers who breach system to make a political statement or to
access information from government sites. They use cyber-attacks and they target corporate
sectors also.
3. For criminal activities – hackers are popular for using their skills for criminal activities. They
break into some other computer and take control of it. This helps him to access password and
collect financial information, so that he could use to defraud the person.
Now here are given some signs that will indicate your computer has been hacked.
1. New programs getting installed – In some cases, you may notice new programs installed in your
computer and this could be an indication, your computer has been hacked. When you have
installed plugins or other free programs, a new program may have come with it. This situation is
quite common while installing antivirus or a new toolbar on your computer. Backdoor’s and
Trojans may appear after your computer getting hacked. Such programs help hackers to gain
information from your computer. Spyware and malware are also indication of hackers.
2. Pop up of fake antivirus message – If you have ever noticed a fake antivirus message pop up on
your computer screen, you must be careful, it is the surest sign that your system has been
hacked. Most people don’t realize it and it becomes too late the virus would exploit your system
completely. Clicking on a link will make you reach to a professional looking site with glowing
letters of recommendation. Then they would ask you for your credit card number and there are
people who provide financial information. Thus, the hackers will get complete control of your
system and financial information. If you ever notice such warning message, boot the computer
in safe mode and uninstall the newly installed software.
3. Login password got changed – most time when your account gets hacked they will change the
password. If you ever notice the password changed logging into your account, it is a sign of
hacking. Reset the password, and if your email address has changed, contact the company, only
they can help you out reset the password.
4. Losing control of your computer – when someone is trying to control your computer remotely,
it means your system has been hacked. For example, the mouse cursor can move itself or it can
type itself. It happens when someone else controlling your system and it indicates hacking. If the
computer dial internet on its own and if you are not able to identify the program that needs
internet access, this indicates of hacked computer.

5. Internet search getting redirected – there are many hackers make their living by redirecting
browsers and the hackers get paid when you click on someone else’s website. Many redirected
internet searches are hidden from users by the use of additional proxies. If you notice any such
activities, it shows the sign of your PC being hacked. You must immediately remove the bogus
toolbar and get rid of malicious redirection.

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